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i don't care Natisni Priporoči prijatelju
Napisal/a _nixi_, v petek, 24. mar. 06
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Oh, the inhumanity….
I can't believe what's happenin'
I can't believe what's grabenin'
Nothing else in this world to live,
I'm here to give a kick.
To bruise all this mother fuckers who didn't believe me.
Who didn’t believe that you will kill me.

What about my rights to give my own suggestion?
What about my rights to feel my own passion?

Guess them!

Is it so hard to do a little thing for the world,
No, not for me, for the world!
And than watch it with me how it swirled.
And than grab your uzis and your colt .45s
and kill everyone your boyfriend loves
And take care for.
Cause this is how I don’t wanna live anymore.
And I don’t give a fuck what you did with Earth core.
No, I don’t care anymore…
And if you need me, call me.
I’m always available for you, call me.
And if you want to be, something more, give me a call,
To turn you to a wild bear, unstoppable.
I don’t care, believe it,
And now don’t gid it! gid it!
Fuck you, you don’t care if I die,
You don’t care if I cry.
You think you are the only one who wishes to fly.
I tell you, I wanna fly too,
But the guardian just don’t let me thrue.
You think you’re so tuff?
No, no man, you are just a bluff!
You don’t even know what are you telling me,
No you don’t want to let me be,
Me be free, me be free!
That is the call of little souls who didn’t got freedom in this life,
But now, they are free but they died.
What about their loved ones?
Oh, you don’t care?
Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re selfish bitch who doesn’t want to share.
But hey! We’re all humans. But is this true?
Cause I don’t know anymore, cause all you do is drool.
You just live for other’s asses,
But you don’t see all other passes.
Passes of good and freedom, the place you can run free,
Don’t care about your bosses, all you must to do, is listen to me.
So put your hands together and pray for your freedom,
And let go on your life, don’t sit on… and on…
That way you don’t get anywhere,
And even if I say I don’t, I care for you, I swear.
But I don’t care about these bitches who talk all day long, and then do nothing,
All they do is talk about something. ‘till they don’t fall a sleep on the job,
And than get thrown own by their own brother,
Just because they are just like their mother.
You say this is annoying but what about me,
Look, I’m just the same, so I’m a bitch, maybe.
In your eyes I can be anything but only thing that I’m shore of it
Is that I’m the rapper who wishes to change the future.
The future of this fucking planet,
And there it is, here, I’ve said it.
And if you want some more, just come and get it.
I’ll give you something you didn’t yet experienced and you never will again,
I’m gonna tell you something that will drive you insane.
And that’s that man,

Goodbye and say hello for me, to Barbie and Ken.

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