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I sang Natisni Priporoči prijatelju
Od sugar4real   

I just washed my face out of tears
but I keep crying in a towel,
I just whiped the smile of my face
but I put on a diffrent one for God.
I try to explain to him
as my mouth are shaking,
but he sees my dropping tears and
he knows my rotten heart.
He knows all the good deads I do
to hide the bad ones.

I try to convince myself
its not so bad,
But why am I down on my knees
infront of the mirrow?
Is it normal to talk to myself?
Is there God?
An excuse for being here.
Is there anyone who will listen whats my pain about!
O,is there a soul to love me?
Cos everything else has gone wrong,
Gone down the drain.
I feel helpless
but my words are ful of power.
And I cry and I cry and I cry alone and
I try and try to hide the pain from others.

Only God sees,
I hope,
only God can help me cure my heart,
which doesnt need loving,
cos all other things aint ok.
But I still want it
to make it
seem better.

Thats life about.
If u dont have smth u have another thing,
which keeps u going,
like this flying words,
in which I keep trying.
And I live another day
with my aching mind,
cos I love the people near me.

I sang this song of sorrow only to myself and God,
remainers of doubt and hope.

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