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Fracta Anima Natisni Priporoči prijatelju
Napisal/a isaacizanagi, v sobota, 13. mar. 10
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Gazing trough two tiny windows,
that Normal people call eyes,
I see the smoke of death,
and the World I so despise.

Let me tell you a story of sorrow,
but dare not to show signs of sympathy.
for the character of this Fable deserves none.

The story tells the tale of a lesser person,
a shade slumbering within a cage of flesh.
A soul that swapped control of itself for
fake feelings of freedom and friendship.

Why that you ask yourself did the being commit such a sin?
Why it severed its synapses and made way for the Other?
Listen to the flow of thoughts of the Lesser One,
find the answer for I have none.

But before that I warn thee,
let not the Flow swallow your sanity,
for it may crush the foundation of
Normal minds.

The fall of Troy

Entering Paradise?

Finally I have become whole.
Feelings of joy and happiness fill my heart.
Forever I wish to adore this example of Gods finest Art.
Finally I have become whole.

The landscapes are filled with rays of the Golden Sun,
I still cannot believe that God gave me this blessing,
My eyes cannot move away from this godlike Art my hands are caressing.
In a second the bad memories of my youthful mind have been undone.

Is this the Paradise I was seeking for so long within my heart?
Have I cheated destiny or was I destined for this?
The days go on but are different so full of bliss.
As if I have entered Paradises gallery and may gaze upon glorious Art.

Finally I have become whole.
Feelings of joy and happiness fill my heart.
Forever I wish to adore this example of Gods finest Art.
Finally I have become whole.

Hall of Illusions?

While I wander the Earth with Art in my heart,
I do not seek a purpose for that I already have found,
my days are filled with light that come from the frames of Art which are round.
Round as the meaningless Earth that is slowly falling apart.

From these pieces of the Earth I once knew,
I’m building a new.
For such a unspoiled piece of Art,
I will create a city of Eden so it will not depart.


Now Earth is perfect and pure … I am not sure … Am I not worthy? … You say it is enough … but is it?
Only you roam my mind now … This will last forever … You are mine!
What did I do wrong? … You say it’s okay? … I will change … change … change … only for you!
Will you stay then? … What do you mean by that? … Do not go? … you won’t? Thank god!


I cannot live without you anymore,
you are a part of me now, could I ask for more?
Nothing can bring us apart for it is you I adore.
You say I do to your will I shall always bow.

For it is you who showed me how to live,
but there is nothing in return that I could possibly give.
I am so powerless without you!
The only thing I want in this rotten world is YOU!

The fall!

You said it’s over that there are no feelings left!
How can you speak such words you theft?
Do you not see what I have done?
I’ve changed my life so we could be forever one!

My soul now burns in the deepest pits of Hell,
the revelation of your feelings tear my heart apart,
my body collapses when my eyes see your presence depart.

Your betrayal ripped the flesh from my bones,
I changed so much,
there is no godlike beauty left to touch …

Aftermath …

Broken, betrayed, bewildered I roam the Earth,
I realize it did not fall apart,
the feelings tricked that I followed my heart.
They made me destroy my perception of Earth,
everything for the sake of Art.

Broken, betrayed, bewildered I roam the Earth,
I travel onto a new land searching for new Art
but now I know I shall never again trust my heart,
for yet another such experience would tear me apart.

Into the city of Dis

Legia V Augusta

Dead End became my friend,
while I roamed the streets of Unknown.
I am searching to fill the hole in me with no end.
I am searching for a real friend.

My journey brings me to a group of shades,
I do not know if they are friendly or already brandishing their blades.
The years of Illusion are over
but still my perception of life is not yet sober.

I take the risk and approach the shady crowd,
I do not remember if in this world such a thing is allowed.
My heart beats faster I walk really close
my eyes burn because of the group of five I now oppose

Ten eyes look at me and while tey observe I see a spark,
I conjure all the strength I posses,
cold feelings of fear I try to oppress.
My mouth opens and I speak out of the dark:

“Behold me, the one who has sinned and now I hunger for spiritual food,
too long have I lived in ignorance filled with evil ploy,
and now I seek companions with whom I may wander with joy.
Will you give me shelter and let me take part in your brotherhood?”

As I spoke those words the shades came out of the dark,
they looked at me in a familiar way,
they looked at me as if I were a needle that came out of a pile of hay.
Suddenly I realized the shades were my brothers from the heavenly Ark.

The darkness lifted and I recognized the group in a tweak.
How could I not have seen before,
these people are my brothers from the past I adore.
The five circle around me and speak:

“The fallen one finally returns,
how come you do not wander outside the world of the Ark?
Now you come back to us and for forgiveness you bark?
Do not speak for let us celebrate, the topic of this meeting adjourns.”

Surprised I step in the circle,
my fear is gone, relieved for I was accepted.
Feelings of joy I feel, as the group my presence have accepted.
Yet again the group is complete for I was sixth, who was missing in the circle.

Hear these words my brothers.
You gave me back the feeling of companionship,
for that I shall always carry in mind,
never again shall I leave a single one of you behind.
Together we shall explore lifes craftsmanship.
Bounded for life as brothers.

Reaching for Valhalla

Years go by too fast,
for long I have won back my sanity.
But still I feel addiction for Art,
the hunger for this comfort shall never depart.
But at least now I wander with knowledge of vanity.
Yet still years go by too fast.

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