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My battle... Natisni Priporoči prijatelju
Napisal/a TheWolf, v sreda, 13. feb. 08
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So I took the pride of my fleet,
a Promethus class starship and
took it deep with no thoughts of retreat.

I took the helm with warp 9,
modulate the shields
and penetrated her defenses
in a sweep..

So we fought, myself, my fleet,
the luck has changed,
and we realize, today we won't
make her feel defeat.

Every her attack,
It felt like her sweetest kiss,
I try do resist,
To save my fleet..

By the and of day,
she took half my fleet away.
I was standing last,
to die today,
A klingon says:
"Sir, It's not a glorious day".

We fall back, to regroup,
she followed with anger in her eyes.
One shoot, and my shield were down,
another took my warp offline.

By turning hard, we stood,
face to face, my love, my ship
against her proud, her anger,
with in blue eyes.

I try to talk, to bring peace
between us, but no,
the only thing she said:
"Today you die"..

And so we fought,
well, I just stood still,
leaving her to do the fight.
For a while it was great,.

With phasers, torpedos,
She didn't niggard no,
it was hell of fire,
she liked it so...

Broken-hearted I stood on my bridge,
The last call I ever made,
No response, only audio.
And I sayed:
"Today I've come, from so far away,
to bring peace into hearts of both of us..
I was sorry for the mistakes I did,
so sorry, that I'm not fighting back..
You can destroy my ship and me with it,
but my love for you will echo thru the Universe."
Transmission ends.

Another attack was upon me,
the shields have fail,
so as I..
On my burning bridge I stand,
I Look at her, so sweet she is,
as the first time we've met.
Her eyes, her hair, the scent of her..
Its magic and I'm so in love..

Times goes by,
for years my fleet vanish into space..
Living on my wrecked ship..
Tales about the war spread across the universe..
The war was not for territory not even power.
I fought for the biggest of all treasures,
a womans heart, her heart and full of pleasures.
For now, I failed to accomplish that,
but in time, with a new fleet,
I shall conquer back,
what once only mine
has been.

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