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Ulcer world Natisni Priporoči prijatelju
Napisal/a LukaX, v torek, 18. maj 10
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Are those times really over?
Is this century out of time?
as a people and their feelings,
as love, alone.
We are booming in a mud.
Driving on an unknown road,
have you ever dreamed the end of the world?

We drink their formula,
they gave us a wall to climb.
Company imbalances,
the town is bored...died.
Hearts beating in the wrong tone,
days are the same, the day without a sign.
Do you know your real father?

Ideals on a tree, we must reach.
The voice is waiting, we create it.
Go to the music store and find your friends,
listen to the sound, insane.
Do you like the new world?
The fear is fear, and the walls are too high.
the sun is rising, moon goes far. Our dreams are broken, died.
Blue sky Neptun is near and near is here.
What makes you alive? Are you lonely in your world?
The time is routine, routine kills. The air's too dense to breathe.
Fantasies are strong and art is not complete.
Colors fading away and the day is gray.
Nature suffering for money, money returnes the pain.

What is your diagnosis? Do you wanna die?

In search for the essence and greater pleasure.
Feel the passion, the passion is all.
Touch your soul and make it free,
kill parasites, demons, bleed!
The nights are dark when eyes are blind.
Blanks your mind to save your wings,
sky has no limits, no reveal.
Are you trapped in here?
As a prisoner of his illusions,
dangerous illusions.
Here.....hide yoursellf,
sleep....inside your head.

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