My Wish
Napisal/a drejch, v torek, 11. mar. 08
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Looking out the window at the falling snow,
A strong desire rushes through my mind:
A wish, that only in a loving heart can grow,
A cry for somebody, who made me blind.

I see a picture of two lovers in my heart.
They're standing outside in the dark of night
As though they'll never have to split apart.
But in their souls I feel a painful fight.

They don't have much more time for all the things
They're tryin' so hard to let each other know.
Not knowing when they'll see each other stings,
But they don't want to let it out on show.

They just hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes,
Hoping their love manages to overcome
The distance, that is far more greater than their sighs,
But when together it feels smaller than a crumb.

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