For her...
Napisal/a TheWolf, v sreda, 13. feb. 08
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In a strange world I fight,
the only one of my kind.
Instead of dying, the thought of you
makes me even more alive.
So I fight, among strangers,
so I fight for those who have broke my heart.
So I fight..

I fight brave, I fight with love,
I care for those, that stand by my side,
not knowing them and they don't know me,
but still, they fight, they die for me,..

So I fight...

The end is near, I can feel..
and my thought, the last that feels so real,
is again, with her, ‘cause she makes me alive..
but this time, I have to fall..
The thought of her, brings me down..

And in the end I realize,
the world isn't strange,
I don't fight with strangers at my side..
I realize,
I am the stranger in this world,
and the one that fight at my site,
strangers are not, it's me..
And so they fight, for my soul, for my heart,
not knowing that she took them already apart,
and in the end not for me, nor my heart not even my soul,
for her we fight, for her we die,
And hope, if not now, by our grave she shall cry,
With thoughts, I was afraid of giving you my heart.

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