What Will Become Of Our Relationship
Od Shadow skill   

I wanna hold onto you
I feel something so strong growing inside of me
It's funny how we've never met face to face
Yet when we speak it's like we've known each other for years
You came along when I wasn't aware of what I needed
I can speak to you and fully understand all that you say
We relate to the subjects everything seems perfect

True we still got a lot to learn, I wanna grow with you
Can't let go, of what I never truly got to know
I refuse to allow you to slip away out of my grasp
Like so many before, yet this time things are different
I'm different and you kinda like me
It's as if we grew from the same tree
You seem to be just what I need
Smile is what I do when you send me sms
Unconsciouly we flirt through verse
Who knows what will become
Wishing I get a chance to be with you.

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