4 Rok (RIP)
Od Shadow skill   

It's been 3 years since that day
when you left me alone
with your body on my hands
I still miss you boo and I can't help it!
no1 understands what I was feeling about that boy
he was my world, my moon and my sun
he knew mw for real with no masks on my face

and he was the one who accepted me for who I am
it was no lies between us and no denying
he knew every corner of my soul
and every place in my heart
after him I never found no1 that would know me like this
he was my special angel sent from up above
I don't know why God take him away
but I'll be thankful for every sec
that I spend with him
we were able to be with each other
with no talking between us
just spending time
or we could talk for hours
about everything that was on our minds
when I was with him I had no regrets
he was the 1 for me and now......he's gone.....
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