Angleska... What did I do
Napisal/a _nice_girl_, v četrtek, 18. maj 06
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I'm alone in my home,
don't know what to think,
what to do,
what to say to you.

I'm looking around,
I can't see you,
not even your face
in my minde for you is not a place.

Something is wrong,
I can't stand on my feet,
I look down,
my hands are wet,
my feet are red.

Something i dropted,
I look around,
I see a knei,
What did i do,
I thought of you,
my minde was filled,
so I killd.

Noone was around,
noone to stop me,
I'm leing on te flor,
I have noone to wait for.

I can go, I can live
I can't think,
my mind is full,
I can't se your face,
in my mind for you is not a place.

What did I do,
I thought of you,
I die and left.

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